Quick and Affordable Way to Make A Community Website

Do you need to build a website for your non-profit charity in Indonesia, but do not want pay thousands to a web designer? Are you a new web designer wanting to create a website for a technology development community in Sri Lanka, but want to start small with big result? It does not matter where you are and why you need a community website.

Making a beautiful community or charity website can be expedited and should not cost you a fortune. You are in luck because here you may check out these secrets that seasoned web developers do not want you to know.

  1. Always pay the cheapest for domain registration.
  2. Pick a hosting that has very good tech support so you do not have to pay more money to web developers when you have a problem
  3. Choose the best and easiest content-management system to quickly build a website that is optimized for top search results, and update the website yourself whenever you want.
  4. Do not underestimate the power of a ready-made website theme to build nice website layout
  5. You can make money from the website (the website should at least pay for itself)

Cheap Domain Registration

You can pay $17.99 at Godaddy or $35 at Network Solutions. However, we some prefer to pay as low as $10.99? This is the best price we found, and you can get the lowest-priced dotORG domain at a popular registrar called Name.com.

For more info about cheap domain registration, go to bestdomainregistrars.org/cheapest.

Which Web Hosting is Best

When it comes to hosting for your website, many seasoned website designers always recommend Hostgator.

Hostgator has a very long, 45-day money back guarantee, so you have ample time to test them out. They are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. You also can try them for almost free for the first month.

ask how to make website

You can try Hostgator for a penny and use the coupon code EMAILHOSTING.
You can try also reduce 25% from your first bill if use the coupon code SERVEHOSTING.

If you have question or if you get stuck at step of the process, try to contact them.

For more info about cheap web hosting, go to bestdomainhost.org.

Use a Content-management System to Structure Your Website

WordPress is the most popular blogging tool today. But what successful web designers do not tell you is that you can use WordPress to build the framework for a Google (and other search engine) friendly, top-ranking website. If you are building a house, WordPress is the structure of a house.

After you install WP using QuikInstall (if using Hostgator), it is a straightforward matter to set up your site, starting with the installation of WordPress themes. If you are building your house, WP theme is the finishing of the house which includes tiles, doors, gardens and so on. This is what makes the house complete and we can call it home.

You can find a great many of the templates on the internet, both commercial and free.

Ready-made Template

You can use the free ones here.

On some occasions, we may prefer to get some professional-looking themes so that your website will look different from the other websites out there. One thing to be aware of is that not all themes are equal, and you often get what you pay for.

Here are some good looking themes most suited for a community website.

Make Some Money

If done right, you not only can cover the cost to build your website, but you and the non-profit charity (or your specific community) can also generate some money from it. So how do you make extra money from your website? There are many ways, but here are the best ways:

What Can We Do Next?

ask how to make website

With the inspiring community website already made, you can target your members through the community with relevant new information that they would expect to find through the community website. With the power of WordPress plugins such as Buddypress, the way forward can include developing your website into social network community that represents and connects people that share common interests.

Let us clear all the doubts and get going, with a chat with the experts.