Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

You know how people had have a hard time to find the best dedicated server to move from their shared hosting? Here we have the top Dedicated Server Web Hosting Providers based on value-for-money, features, discounts, and customer support. We do the research for you so you can focus on building your business. Once you have decided on a dedicated hosting to use, head on to the best domain registrar services and get a bunch of domains hosted today.

Web Host Cheapest Price Disk Bandwidth
Benefits / Promotions
Best Hosting
Best Business VPS
$50 30GB 1000GB
512MB ram
Fast tech support
Best Hosting
Best Cheap Servers
$119 80GB 2.5TB Cheap servers from $89/month
Excellent BBB A Rating
30% Off first month using coupon below
Best Hosting
Best Managed Servers
$350 250GB 1300GB Best tech support
Star hosting
Cheapest Managed Servers
80GB 1500GB Click below for 25% discount
Excellent BBB A+ Rating

InMotion Hosting

Best e-Commerce Servers
160GB 1500GB Free 2GB memory upgrade. cPanel included.
BBB excellent A rating

Star Hosting
$99 80GB 1000GB Free setup with 3+ months signup

Cheapest Dedicated Servers
$39.95 40GB 1400GB
1&1 Internet
Best UK Dedicated Servers
$69.99 320GB 1000GB Free first 3 months for premium servers

Unlimited Bandwidth Servers
GBP49 80GB Unlimited First month free. Unlimited bandwidth.

$59.00 80MB 10,000GB Unlimited SSL certificates

We believe they are the best based on our research. Although they are not listed above based on any kind of ranks, they definitely are the best at their own specific category such as InMotion and their support is geared towards e-Commerce. Some of them have very good reviews at other sites too such as an InMotion hosting review said that this web host does not have that many negative things said about them on the web.

Although most of the web servers listed above run on Linux, you may have your own reasons to be running Microsoft-based servers and applications. If you needs to use Windows-based server, we recommend you get one from one of the best Windows hosting from Hostgator. They also offer Hostgator discount code so that you can try their service for a penny.

The next step after getting a dedicated server is to get to the bulk domain registration service and get more business domains registered and hosted at one convenient location.

If you are not yet ready for a dedicated hosting, then you can start with a shared hosting. We suggest that you read this iPage review or this Justhost review and then try the shared hosting at a very low cost.

2 thoughts on “Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

  1. saleem awan

    this is a useful information. please bring some more hosting company profiles so that people can have more choices and variety of options to select from.

    thanks for bringing useful info online.

  2. Michael Feigin

    March 15th I ordered hosting XEON 5405 Dual QuardCore from
    for USD 299. It was installed in five days. In 10 days they said that could add a second CPU
    “At the time your server was build, we did not have the second CPU and your server was setup with only 1 cpu.”
    Their customer support responds to requests in two or three days or does not respond at all (I did not receive an answer for the last for the last four letter and the requests that were sent through chat)
    On April 1st I cancelled the service, however, took the money from me for the following period (from April15th until May15th) and does not answer to my requests. If you would like to choose an awful hosting and pay your money for it, can help you. It is the most terrible hosting service!
    I can provide a copy of my correspondence with to interested parties.

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